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PS2 keyboard not working


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My PS2 keyboard is not working on my P5KR and iATKOS.

It worked perfectly when I used the x86 bootloader options (I guess it was using non-stock AppleACPI) and on installation, but now it does not work anymore.

I already tried the ACPIPS2Nub.kext (it was already available on the installation) without luck.

Is there any fix for this?


I already tried the following:

- Remove touchpad and mouse kext on ApplePS2 kext.

- Disable legacy USB emulation in bios

- Make sure ACPIPS2Nub was loading OK



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I did the following (in various steps), still without any luck:


- Install Vanilla kernel from Kalyway

- Install Vanilla ACPI fix from Kalyway

- Replace ApplePS2Controller.kext with the ones fron Kalyway


But I still can't use the PS2 keyboard using stock AppleACPI kext.

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