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can't boot the installation DVD


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at first, sorry for my bad english.

I'm trying to install leopard on my packard bell s8500 notebook, but:

the kalyway 10.5.1 disk can't boot. after "loading darwinx86 \" and a lot of pages full of writings (is "writings" the right word? sorry if not) my pc reboots :)

with the ToH RC2 dvd is exactly the same.

where did I go wrong? :wacko:


EDIT: ops, I'm sorry my intention was to post this thread in the OSx86 forum. Please close. I'm sorry.

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I am having the same problem / my disk wont boot / i have both kalyway and iATkOS /


i have a :


2 gig memory

8800 gts

nforce 680i

1 sata 320 gig

1 eide 40 gig


kalyway gives me an error and iATKOS reboots automatically

can sombody help me with this ???

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