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iATKOS successfull install, failure to boot


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here are my specs:


Gigabyte P35-DS3l

Intel Q6600

8800 GT

1 SATA Seagate hdd(3 partitions, 1-Xp, 2-Vista, 3- for mac

1 Sata Dvd-rom


My installation process:


(Xp and Vista already installed in the two partitions)

(Did not set sata to AHCI mode)

(using GAG to multiboot, when finished installing mac, GAG failed to boot up the 3rd partition)


1.all i did was put in iATKOS cd in

2.Erase the 3rd created partition

3.Recreate/format into MAC extended(case sensitive, journal)

4.Install into 3rd partition


and that was it. was there something I missed? all the steps that I put in in my installation process were the EXACT, DETIALED steps I did. I didn't do anything else.

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