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"still waiting for root device"


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I've got the same problem with the same ToH x86 Leopard.


I typed: rd=disk0s1 because my hard drive is the primary master


There I didn't see the advanced menu, I don't get language select or install or any animation

When I typed the rd=disk0s1, that screen told me I could only hit ENTER, ?, -V

I cannot even type multiple commands. After I hit ENTER after typing anything in it goes straight to the install.


I finally got over the problem of "Still Waiting on Root Device" and now I have this:


NFS_Boot: Networking Not Initialized

panic (cpu 0 called 0x002D68EE) "NFS_BOOT_INIT_FAILED with 6\N"@ /SourceCache/..../..../NFS_VFSOPS.ch 831 or something like that

It also had 4-6 things under it like above. It said something in parenthesis like this: (Possible 4 arg stacks)


What can I do? I would greatly appreciate it. I have been reading for a week now and nothing is specific to this.


I have a Pentium 4 MMX,SSE,SSE2 Northwood 2.66ghz NOT DUAL CORE.. hence the SSE2

Motherboard: MicroStar MS-6701 Chipset SiS 648

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