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MACH Reboot (Hackintosh hanfs at that point...)


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Right. So. Then. I managed to fuggle something in my OSX and reached a point where a reinstall was a more painless option than continuing my efforts to fix things.


I'd had some rebooting issues before the format, but this is constant. Every time I shutdown or reboot my computer it hangs. Monitors shut down, (much like a PC going to sleep) but fans still work etc. and the PC will NOT power down. Or restart.


On rebooting, I get stuck at the


MACH reboot


line. Then there's no love. That's it. The best I can seem to manage is to manually shut it down.


I've installed the BrazilMAC DVD, efi_v8, the 2900XT drivers (Theoretically, according to the info about my computer, everything's working splendidly --QE/CI/Rotation...-) and the AppleHDA patch.


I've renamed AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext and even installed the updates from apple. (Including the latest Security Update 2007-009). I can't seem to get reboot working :D


For the record, my system is:



975X Northbridge, ICH7 Southbridge


Seagate 160GB sATA hard disk (with Leopard on it)


There are another 5 HDDs and two optical devices (Optiarc and ASUS)


Does anyone have any idea(s)? I keep searching, but can't seem to find anything.

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