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what weird bugs have you came across?


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Well I have issues with shutting down... the laptop screen powers off when i click shut down but the L.E.D remains on so the laptop is still on even tho I have clicked shutdown... and the only way to completely power it off is to hold the power button down.


Anyone else get this issue?


also when i tried installing belkin 7050 drivers for internet.. after the restart and i plug the adapter in the l.e.d on te adapter blinks for a split second and then I loose all usb connections.. and the only way to get them back is to restart. (if im lucky. sometimes that doesnt even work)


sleep mode puts the laptop into sleep but about 5 - 10 seconds later it ondoes sleep mode by itself as if someones switched it back on.


oh and i dont have a battery status bar telling me how much battery I have, but there must be ways to solve this? iv seen some but im completely nuby at this and havnt the slightest idea sometimes when reading some posts


anyone else get these issues?


edit: oh also i cant install leapard as GUID when i use diskutility to create GUID then install leopard and choose guid the installation fails, works fine on MBR.. (when i say fine i mean it completes and then i can go into the OS but only if the dvd is in the drive, but im going to try the boot leopard hd disk in an hour)

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