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Still waiting for root device, IN VMWARE!?

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I've tried everything.. Whats wrong?


Still waiting.. etc. IN VMWARE?

I have tested this with viritual devices, physical, different settings on them and so on. same results.


Strange error.




After a while this pops up.



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1: I'm sure someone will jump in if this has changed, but last I looked, Leopard doesn't work with vmware.


2: Your final panic shows a SAM error, which is bad media..


It might *possibly* be worth trying accessing the disc differently.. mounting the iso in daemon tools, or burning a physical DVD..

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I have the exact same problem with installing Leo in VMWARE. I passed the issue with VMWARE not being able to mount the HFS ISO by mounting the ISO with Daemon Tools and then adding it to the VM as a physical drive.


The Leo install can't see the hard drive. I'm thinking it's because all the new Leo Macs have SATA drives and VMWARE only emulates IDE. Any ideas??

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