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Marvin's AMD Utility Patches (cpuid.txt files)

Guest Snowski

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Guest Snowski

Links and instructions to Marvin's AMD Utility:


=> Provided by Mr. Unknown <=


Patch on BOOT method:


- Download the patches folder provided (unpack first if needed)

- Copy the patches folder to your root dir (Leopard or Tiger)

- Install the security update or other

- Reboot, press F8 while booting and then type:



cd /patches

./patcher ./cpuid.txt



Patch within OS method (not recommended):


- Open Marvin's AMD Utility and provide password

- Select the third option (patch all cpuid's using cpuid file) and uncheck "Simulation Mode no files patched"

- In the "Select CPUID File" field browse to where you have downloaded the provided cpuid.txt file.

- In the "Select a Volume/Directory to Patch" field browse to your OS dir.

- Click the RUN button and then Proceed.

- Done!


On Errors when using the 'Within OS Method:


For instance:


--+ /Applications/VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/modules/libx264_plugin.dylib

+ File is i386

*** err041 - parse cpuids - No base addr or cpuids for prev file name

*** Trying to undo cpuid patches made prior to error

*** err071 - undo cpuid patching: file of patched decrypts not found


Fix this by removing all related to VLC in the cpuid.txt file:





When using the 'On Boot Method' the errors will be bypassed and other files will be patched if needed.



Good luck on patching and enjoy the OS!

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You have to create the patcher package first before you can run it in single user mode. I suggest using Zephyroth's AMD Software Updater (link is in my sig) for future updates. It will patch your files automatically after the downloads finish and then it will create the pkg with a pre-patched update for you to run which means no more command line AMD patching!

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