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Agere System ET-131x PCI-E Ethernet (LG Laptop)


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So forgive me if this is not quite the right place, but it's getting quite late here and I wanted to ask before I forgot what I was worried about.


I'm seriously considering picking up an LG W1-EAP02HS laptop. It's pretty, it's light, the resolution work's for me (more or less), the chipset works, the x1600 mobility works, yada yada yada.


My problem is, I finally found some more detailed specs and they say that the Ethernet is an Agere System ET-131x PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller.


I spent a couple of hours searching both the forum and the net in general on the possibility of getting it working in OSX. The closest I came was finding the source for the *nix driver. I sincerely doubt I could GET it to compile under OSX (to say nothing of the possible dependencies I'd have to find. If I could find them. And even then, I'm not sure it would work.


Hence, after much, MUCH rambling, the point:


Does anyone maybe have any info on the state of things? Is there a driver I just couldn't find? Has anyone gotten this ethernet port to work at any given time? Does anyone perchance OWN one of the LG W-1 series laptops?




I may end up going with something else, but it's tempting enough to make me sincerely want it. Hence the question/plea/callitwhatyouwill.

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I'm bumping this, in the hopes that SONEONE will shed ANY sort of light.


If only to say "Screw you, forget about it and find a laptop with a real ethernet connector." -->Or tell me if I can find an external (say...usb?) ethernet dongle (that works).


Come on, guys...

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hi mijka,


i have a laptop w1 pro express dual EAP02


its a 17" with 120G HD Dual core cpu 1.83GHz 2G RAM 667MHz ATI Radeon x1600 + wireless and agere nic


i installed OSX86 Tiger and Leopard on it from iatkos 1.0i


- touchpad works perfect


- bluetooth works out of the box i can even iSync perfectlly with it


- SATA HarDrive works fine, i can even see my Vista Partition


- DVD Read/Write/ReWrite - works perfectlly


- Dual boot works fine (actually triple boot) via Darwin i use vista,Tiger, Leopard


- BIOS support the extended optional OEPROM - activated it works perfect


- SoundBlaster works fine with external speakers (internal speakers dont work)


- Core 2 DUO i had to move in the bios to COr 2 SOLO (otherwise crashes and reboot after darwin) but even with one CPU the performense are amazing something like twice from VISTA (Virus Inside Swich To Mac :-))


- never successfully activated the Network interfaces, not the wifi and not agere i use bluetooth communication with my desktop in order to share internet connection


- keyboard dont work - itried everything (removing the PS2 kext/several different Kext..) i have to work with external USB keyboard,


- ATI internal display cant work with drivers so i use default driver (probebly vesa or something) so games dont work, video editing dont work, slideshow (Keynote or iPhoto slideshow) messup my mouse pointer and i have to reboot, but i have some several options sugested at this site i am still in the works of the ATI... [Edit]: ok i have one quick thing to change, i have successfully installed Maxx ATIinject and it works perfectly!!!! you can find the complete article here!


- Software: i have installed everything i could think of without any problem (iLife, iWork, updates, FireWorks, Toast, Paralels work perfect including coherence mode!!, Eclipse, paintbrush, ActivePerl, dmgmaster, deltawalker, Jisho, BarGenieMac, DietController, CoreMeltImageFlowFX, Ziplight, MacFamilyTree, Osk, YummySoup, ScreenSteps, QuartzCube, SlideshowMovie, Safari-Stretch, Messenger603, oxygen, JavaForMacOSX10.4Release6, IconCreator, RunPythonAction, CamExtractor, iCalBirthdays, ... and on and on and on)


so as you can see everything available on Mac.com/Downloads


the only software i had problems with is: VMware.Fusion.v1.1.0.62573.Incl.Keymaker-EMBRACE

couldent create XP Vmware, but i had paralels, so... @#!$#$ it!


- i also successfully d/l and installed Dashbord widgets including web enabled, 3DGames etc.


- had updated iLife and OSX - works like a charm


well what can i tell you, i love mac so much that i am willing to live with all the problems

i dont want to spend alot of $$ on it (YET!! and i am getting there by the minute)


!!!once you try it you can never go back!!!


hope that helps if you need ask anything i will be more then happy help (if i can).



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