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WiFi on iATKOS v1.0i - how to make it work?


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Finally for my ACER3680 to see its TI xx12 cardbus slot (thanks to kizwan and solo for

advice on where to explore and with a lot of effort and experimentation on my part got

it going, reply here to me if you want info on this). So I installed a NETGEAR WG511T card

and indeed low and behold the 10.4.5 IO80211Family.kext saw it great, this card is just

an Atheros 5001 (PCI168c,13). So on the way up Leopard now sees the card, I get the

MAC address listed, Leopard shows an Airport logo on the right status bar but couldn't

bring it up. The Networking control panel shows the station address too under Advanced

but won't 'turn airport on'. So I installed the wirelesspatch.pkg and now it just won't

let me turn Airport on! It sees the card, and it's MAC address, but won't let me turn Airport

services on.


Anyone get Wireless going completely on iATKOS v1.0i?

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OK so that worked, got a NETGEAR WG511T PCCard (its an Atheros 5001: pci168c,13) to

work in this ACER3680 using the link to the new Atheros only IO80211Family kext, came

up beautiful, airport is up and talking WEP to my hub all on iATKOS v1.0i/Leopard. Now

if I can only get iATKOS v1.0i to talk successfully to the PCIe-mini based WiFi boards,

I have the stock Atheros 5008 (pci168c,1c) or the Broadcom 94311 card I got (pci11ab,4311).

Either they aren't seen, don't load due to some dependency on some other module

(usually IOPCIFamily depending on which one I use), or panic the kernel depending on

which card and combination of kext's I use. This is the holy grail right now... Is there

a Broadcom drive for this IO80211Family kext that works as well? lol.



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