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Built New Hackintosh


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Hi Guys,


Happy Holidays! I just got in the parts for my new system. I carefully ordered so I would have compatible equipment. I have as follows:



AsRock Conroe 1333

supposed to be compatible video, audio, lan

SATA- 320 gig WD hard drive

The GM-950 vdieo card that came with the motherboard.





I am getting all of the same errors as before. I have tried to install on six different machines. I finally got up on the DELL 8400. But, I have all of the same problems:

/com.apple.boot.plist not found


Rectangle saying I have to reboot.


Actually reboots by itself.


Freeze after frame buffer installed sucessfully.


More errors I can't remember.


Any ideas: yhmmc@yahoo.com .



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I am trying to install all of them,


Brazil, Kalyway, uphuck, Jas,


The thing I don't understand is that I installed it on my Dell (took 3 weeks of experimenting.)


I figured if I bought all compatible stuff that I have read that the people had that it would be a snap. Maybe All of them would work.


I am scratching my head on this one.


Thanks for your reply.

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