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Problems with iATKOS. A little help please.


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I have linux mint installed on my computer. I made a 30gig FAT32 partition on my primary hard drive with GParted in linux. Then, i booted from the iATKOS DVD. The first problem was, that when i directly booted from it, it would kernel panic at the apple logo screen, but if i type -v, then it would go on right to the installer.


So i went with -v, and i reformatted my 30gig FAT32 partition as HFS+, and zeroed out the data on it. Then i ran Darwin_boot, and 'installed?' it on my 30gig partition (without EFI).


I then installed Leopard onto that partition with the default package, no extras. It completes, and my computer restarts, but then after pulling out the dvd, it boots right back up into Linux Mint!


What can i do?


Thank you. :D

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