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How to get network to HP Compaq 6510b ?


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Hi, I've got a new notebook (christmas gift ^^).

So i wanted to know how it may be possible to get network to Leopard.


I saw three possibilities but none of those worked.


1. Normal Ethernet: Broadcom (Dev ID: 1693)

I tried both kexts I could find here.

But the only result was that the adapter got recognized ... (without MAC-Adress, without Ethernet Connection ...)


2. Wireless LAN: Intel 3945 or something like that.

The driver is in development. So when I install it, i'll get a kernel panic ...


3. WLAN - PCMCIA Card: Asus WL-107G @ RL5C476 II Cardbus (DevID: 0476 / Vendor: 1180)

It seems that the Cardbus is not working, and there aren't any noticies in dmesg.


Any Idea ?

Thanks in advance ...


(And sorry for my bad english ...)

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Hi Guys.


Im having the same Network issue, recently got my Compaq 6510b installed OSX..but no lan :rolleyes:


Tried some Kext I found here on Insanely, but only managed to get the card with zeroes as mac address then crashes...


Would love to hear some tips on this.


Thanks in advance

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