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  1. Hacking the HP BIOS Whitelist

    I managed to get the Gigabyte Card working by hacking the EEPROM. Now it's recognized as a Intel 3945 adapter. But I am not able to get it working under os-x or Windows.
  2. help with hp-compaq bios whitelist

    @audioboi Your hacked Flash program crashes with a bsod.
  3. Hacking the HP BIOS Whitelist

    It's the newest Bios version F13 from HP website. http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechS...Item=ob-64999-1 The only things I could find out are the Bios date 08/18/2008 and version F.13.
  4. Hacking the HP BIOS Whitelist

    Of curse I searched the forum, but it is like I said, they had a Phoenix Bios.
  5. Currently I am trying to hack the BIOS of my HP Compaq 6510b to allow me to put an Gigabyte WLAN Adapter in. I'm reading much about this, but everybody who has done this had a Phoenix Bios. Mine doesn't have one, don't know what kind of bios it is. So I'm forced to use the HP Flash Utility, but when I modify my bios it just says "Bios Checksum Error". Don't know how to flash otherwise or to skip the checksum test. Thanks for Help.
  6. HP Bios Whitelist Thread

    I am also trying to replace the Intel 3945 with a gigabyte wireless adapter (168C:001C), but currently i'm failing at the cmos checksum. Has anybody done this yet ?
  7. Kalyway 10.5+680i

    I got it working on an nforce 680i SLI but only with one CPU Core :-( try to boot with "cpus=1 -v"
  8. Hi, I've got a new notebook (christmas gift ^^). So i wanted to know how it may be possible to get network to Leopard. I saw three possibilities but none of those worked. 1. Normal Ethernet: Broadcom (Dev ID: 1693) I tried both kexts I could find here. But the only result was that the adapter got recognized ... (without MAC-Adress, without Ethernet Connection ...) 2. Wireless LAN: Intel 3945 or something like that. The driver is in development. So when I install it, i'll get a kernel panic ... 3. WLAN - PCMCIA Card: Asus WL-107G @ RL5C476 II Cardbus (DevID: 0476 / Vendor: 1180) It seems that the Cardbus is not working, and there aren't any noticies in dmesg. Any Idea ? Thanks in advance ... (And sorry for my bad english ...)
  9. Uhm 10.4.7 doesn't work. It just sucks.
  10. After 3 times reinstalling OSX 10.4.8, i am trying 10.4.7 ^^.
  11. First: Sorry for my bad english. Second: I have got a notebook (D470K Barbone) with an AMD Mobile Athlon 64 3000+ (which won't run at 1,8GHz, just with 800MHz). System Configuration: 512MB DDR400 60GB Fujitsu HDD VIA Chipset Realtek 8169 Network Mobility Radeon 9700 [128MB works with Callisto (with all features)] Dualboot with OSX 10.4.8 (JAS) and Debian Etch And it just runs slow, even the sounds are slow. CPU Usage is at 10 percent in idle and 100MB of RAM are free. And the Results of XBench is also ok. I think the problem is the chipset (VIA K8T800 + VT8235CE) The way between calculating and ouput is slow.