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1. Select, Copy, & Paste functions.

2. The ability to attach and receive an image in an SMS message.

3. The ability to attach more than one image or file to an email.

4. The ability to save images and files in Safari.

5. The syncing of "Notes".

6. The ability to view .mpg video files.

7. A calendar layout that is not a total waste of space.

8. Open a page in Safari (page #1). Click a link on page #1 which opens another page (page #2). View, and close page #2. Safari brings you back to page #1, which instantly goes to the url of page #2, and greys out the "back" button, so you have to retrace all the steps that originally led you to page #1 when you first got online. Fix this.

9. Play a song on the ipod function. Now open a webpage. Hear the music stop, then see Safari crash out. Fix this.

10. Issue updates. The lack thereof (or any idea of even what to expect) makes us wonder.






1. Someone sends you a Fedex tracking number or long url that gets broken in formatting. You have to first write it down on paper, then type it out one character at a time? Who thinks this is acceptable? It's a huge waste of time. I'm writing a two paragraph email. By the time I finish paragraph two, I realize I need a third paragraph, and I should have written paragraph two before paragraph one. Now I get to erase the whole thing and type it over on that dinky keyboard? I want to organize a list in Notes, and I have to retype every item every time I want to move it? Select, copy & paste should have been added in the first update.


2. My twenty dollar junk pay-as-you-go phone I bought at a gas station can send and receive pictures in SMS messages, which are free. Now, with this $400 wonderphone, which even has a camera built in and a photo gallery, I get to pay $.25 per message, and it can't send or rcv pics.


3. "I have twenty nine pictures to send of this job I need to talk with you about while I'm on site. Hold on while I send you twenty nine emails..."


4. There is one good picture in each of about fifty web pages. Using "Share" I can send myself fifty emails each containing one url, to look up on another computer when I get home, save the files to my HD, then put in the sync folder, and sync back onto my iphone. Or we could just have a feature that asks us to save or view a link. Pictures and videos would be added to the "Photos" or "Ipod" gallery/library the same way that bookmarks are saved and arranged. Don't even need disk access. Easy.


5. I have a grocery list. Can we add to items to it on the home computer, and then simply sync it to the phone when it's time to go to the store? No. Why not? Because that would make it a PDA (aka, useful) and Apple "doesn't want to get into the PDA market"? Well, golly.


6. Guess how many of the millions of videos on the web are in .m4v format? About six, and they're all on Apples own website. Yay, my iphone can watch videos... about itself! Wake up, Apple. Everything anyone wants to watch online is either in .mpeg, divx, .flv, or some messed up .avi mystery codec. Find a way for us to be able to play at least one or two of those formats, preferrably right off the web page, without having to send the links home, to download, make special duplicate copies of, specifically for playback on this device. By then we've already watched them on our home computers. It's a waste of space and a waste of time. And WITH the audio already. My god. Also, Youtube is not the answer. Not that videos of people eating bugs, monkeys drinking pee, and every thirteen year olds thoughts on the Iraq war aren't worthwhile, but... well, they're not.


7. The "little number in the big box with the tiny dot" thing. Bad. Either make the boxes bigger with some tiny clickable preview text in them per item, so you can see your day quick all at once, or make the box smaller so you can fit more text in underneath. These nondescript little dots all over the place, which reveal two words down below when clicked, make my calendar look like a war zone, and me look like I'm in the middle of it.


8. There's obviously a problem with Safari.


9. ...and with running out of memory.


10. Positive responses and Negative responses people can handle, Neutral responses make people mad or crazy or both. See Psych 101.




Other than that, it's great!

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