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AMD Leopard Install


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Hey guys,


I'm a bit of a newb to this, so I apologise in advance!


I'm trying to sort out my AMD SSE3 machine with leopard on.

I have a Mac OS Leopard DVD and I also have the "osx-leopard105.dmg" file.


I have downloaded the "581_AMD_Intel_SSE2_SSE3_Kernel_Patcher"

And successfully created mach_kernel.hacked


But I am a bit stuck as to what to do now.

For simplicity (and to save on DVD's) I'm trying to get the Leopard installer to boot from a USB HDD I have, so I used DiskUtility and restored the DMG to the USB HDD. I then used terminal to "cp" the mach_kernal.hacked to mach_kernel on that HDD.


Is this the correct way to go about it?

And also, what else do I need to do to make the installer bootable from the Hackintosh PC?


Thanks in advance!

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I think you still need to patch for this type of install there is a file floating around called 9a581_amd which will firstly patch the files needed for the DVD (or your case USB HDD) and then once installed you again need to patch the instalation files


It took me a while to get it to work on AMD as I needed to also create a boot disk from tiger install and copy the boot files (not using EFI)


Have a search for 9A581_AMD.zip it may help you

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