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Need some advice if anybody has time...


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I'm looking to build my first one of these. i have a Mac Mini but it's too crippled and inflexible for my needs. I was hoping to get a little advice on what to buy. Here are my needs:


- A motherboard where all the components work (USB, SATA, IDE, LAN, Sound, FW). Don't mind doing a patch or two. Preferably Intel 775. Nothing fancy, maybe in the 100.00 range.


- Video card that will knock out 1920x1080. Won't be doing any gaming


- Can I use any SATA Hard Drive I want? If I put in 2 of them, what are they, just 2 volumes on the desktop?


- Can i use any burner I want?


- Finally, can I use Parallels on one of these and expect all the componets to work?



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