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P5LD2 VM users, need your help


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Need your advice guys. I'm slightly confused as I have had a rev1 board and now a rev2 for nearly a year. Supposed to be one of the best boards for osx86? BUT I have a few issues that really bug me, and there's no mention of them at all on here.


My setup:


P5LD2 VM rev2

Core2duo 2.4

4gb patriot ddr2 667

Ati x1600 xt silent

2 x seagate 500gb sata hard drives

Corsair 620w psu


Similar to a lot of people on this board I expect :rolleyes:



Anyhow on with the issues.


These issues occur in every single version of osx inc 10.4.6, 10.4.8, 10.4.9, 10.4.10, 10.4.11, Now i'm on Kalyway Leopard. Various kernel releases over the months and same results. I've tried different hard drives, different ram, various bios's & settings etc.





Can someone try copying a single 4 gig file to a usb ipod (fat32 of mac formated) and try to use osx at the same time? For me everything slows down and becomes jerky & unusable. However if you copy say 4gb of 15mb rars its fine. Music will carry on playing fine but something like eyetv will be brought to it's knees.




darwin bootloader - every so often I will restart the computer and the darwin bootloader will come up saying 'starting osx96' and you have the spinning / character. Well this will slow down and take about 3 minutes of spinning then it will finally get to the beige loading screen and carry on as normal. This will only go away though until I cut the power to the psu and press the power button on the case.




Think thats it for now :)

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