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Newbi Motherboard Question

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Hey Guys

I could use a little guidance here,

I search around here - (The Search is pretty bad, on this forum Sorry)

I have iATKOS Ver. 1.0.i Version of Leopard and can anyone let me know what is a Good fast Core 2 Motherboard that works well?

Things like Lan & audio and Maybe onboard Video just work no special ticks.


Sorry I'm sure this has been covered a thousand times but can anyone recommend a board that just works. I can’t seem to find a straight answer here.


Again Sorry about having to ask



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Find pcwiz. he wrote a buying guide for motherboard. pm him to ask him where that is....


I recommend the GA P35-DS3P. See my sig for a full install guide. It is great for overclocking, supports the 45nm CPUs, etc. a cheap video card is .... cheap. maybe 7300GT or 7600GT....

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