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MenuMeters 1.3 Official UB


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MenuMeters 1.3


* [FEATURE] Universal binary for PowerPC and Intel.

* [FEATURE] Swap file usage and encryption status on 10.4 (Tiger). Based on patches from Michael Nordmeyer (http://goodyworks.com'>http://goodyworks.com).

* [FEATURE] Update load average calculation to better match 'top', patch by Michael Nordmeyer (http://goodyworks.com).

* [FEATURE] Disk activity indicator with large color arrows on boot disk icon. Based on patches from macrulez at softhome.net.

* [bUG] Fix problem caused by Cisco VPN where the primary interface (the VPN connection) can't be found in the interface list.

* [bUG] Fix disk meter problem for volumes with UTF8 characters in the name (iPods are a common example).


VersionTracker: Intel

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