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Hackintosh randomly shuts down


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Hello all--


I have a


INTEL Core 2 Duo Allendale 2.2ghz

ASUS P5k-e wifi

ASUS en7300gt 256mb

2gb ram



I installed Brazilmac and it works and I installed Atkos and it works too (although it was a pain to find a working Gparted and install a boot flag-- sheesh).


THe problem is that sometimes my computer just randomly shuts off on me. Sometimes it will go 2 minutes and other times it will go two days. It does it when nothing is happening and it does it when I'm using applications. Although I can always count on it to turn off during a Final Cut render.

This happens in both OS's and even happened in a dos command line so it seems to be strictly a hardware issue.

Any ideas on why this might be happening?

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Is this a newly built system, if it is i have a few ideas


-first it could be a loose cable in your case, check all your wires especially power cables.


-second it could be that your power supply is defective, if you have a spare swap out the new one and see if the computer works with the old one.


-third it could be your homes power system, try a different outlet maybe in a different room. or if your computer is plugged into a power-strip try a different one, etc.


-and also most motherboards have a thing that forces the computer to shut down when the CPU is overheating so try to keep an eye on your temperatures, i would do something that requires alot of processing power and for a long time that will cause your CPU to heat up, and keep an eye on the temperatures and see if they rise higher than they should. you will probably have to do this in windows since i dont think that you can monitor temps in osx.


good luck, pm me if you still have trouble, as i tend not to be online often.

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Thanks for the speedy replies! Ok get this--


I popped in another power supply (1st one 500w generic from thailand, totally sketchy 2nd one 300w good quality) and still get the same problem. I built my hackintosh in my old apartment and it would randomly shut down-- I just moved to my new house and it still has the same problem. The juice here is totally up to spec just built.


I am finding that it actually shuts down during intensive processing like final cut renders. I don't have windows software so what should I do to find out if the proc is overheating?


Oh yeah, and I alreay updated the bios to the latest version on Asus's site. No fixo problemo.



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well im not sure how to check your cpu temp in os x or even if its possible since it is a hackintosh but i do know you could always check it in your bios so if your computer does shutdown on you enter your bios immediately and check your temperatures, also tell me about your computer pertaining to the cooling system (what case,cpu heatsink, how many fans and where)?

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