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  1. I have a DWA-542 as well, and it only works in 32 bit in SL. Im going to guess that a 64 bit version of the driver will be out eventually. Best thing to do is to just wait for 10.6.1, until then i'm going to stay with Leo.
  2. iPod Touch Gen 2 or Gen 1?

    I was in the same predicament you are in, personally i went with the 2g route. I figure that if a jailbreak does, and its very probable that one will, come out i will be kicking myself if i got the outdated 1g. I also have a few apps im itching to use, but i can wait. Also if the apps you speak of are just cracked apps from the app store then i would just pay for them, i dont get why people would go through all the trouble of cracking a $5 app, if you cant afford the $5 or whatever then you must not really need it then. Plus its not worth the time, i would rather work for 10 min and buy the stupid app than to waste an hour figuring out how to get it without paying for it. But anyways thats what i think. Good luck with your decision.
  3. Nvidia MCP79 released

    You do realize that those boards were just announced about 5 days ago and that it doesn't even look like you can even buy them yet, let alone test them out. Even when they do become available im sure its going to take a while for people to get them, i would also guess that they will be in the $120+ price range as well. So basically you need to calm down and wait.
  4. If anyone is still having trouble with their automatic screensaver function try editing this file (may be in a slightly different location for others) /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Versions/A/Resources/EngineDefaults.plist the value under the key "idleTime" is the default time setting for the screensaver in seconds, the default value is - 1200 the value under the key "moduleName"is the default screensaver name, you may change the screensaver to whatever you like, the default value is - Flurry This worked for me - Hope this helps some you out there too
  5. Im having the same problem, my screensaver wont start either. log out/in does work, but if you shutdown or restart the problem comes back up for me. I tried deleting the ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/com.apple.screensaver.... file previously mentioned and the file was replaced when i went into the screensaver settings, although that didnt do anything. I tried repairing permissions, nothing I did some looking around and it looks like real macs might have this problem too. Although I could have sworn my screensaver worked when i installed iatkos 10.5.4, maybe i just imagined it. I recently reinstalled osx starting from a brazilmac installation and thats when i noticed this issue.
  6. So... I had everything working perfectly

    I also have a 8800GT i upgraded to 10.5.5 just fine, the only problem i see so far is that my boot time is like 10 sec longer, but thats ok. I dont see anything wrong with the graphics yet, so far it seems fine. Is there anything in particular that is glitchy, like a program, i could try it on my computer and tell you if im having issues with it as well. I never used nvinject either so i dont really know about any problems with it.
  7. well i may have finally solved it, i think that you were right it seems to be the Chipset+Processor Combo. I did find a kernel made for nforce chipsets of all things, darwin version 9.1.0, that seems to be running stable, 7Hr so far with no problems ill report back later. Thank you for all your help MacUser2525, I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into helping me out.
  8. I am having the same problem with the Q6600, but I use a G33 chipset. I have tried countless combinations of BIOS settings kernels and extensions but it still panics on me. Has anyone found a solution that works for enabling all 4 cores? I'm trying out that nforce kernel now, but i still get panics.
  9. I dont think that my CPU is broken, i think that it is just not working with the OS properly and that is giving me panics, its probebly an extension or the kernel or something like that. My BIOS is always up to date, i make sure of that, however my settings are a little different from yours - I changed them now so we'll see what happens. May i ask where you got your modified extensions so that i may make my system as close to yours as possible and limit the possible cause of my problems, or if it isn't too much trouble if you could send them to me Thanks again!
  10. Thanks for the quick reply, i changed the about this mac, thanks for that too. But what did you do so that you don't get kernel panics, I don't think its anything with the IDE because everything was running without panicking when i had a Pentium D in this box (I had to use the kernel flag -legacy, but my trick no longer works with the Q6600). I'm convinced its the processor, can you tell me if you changed anything in the BIOS, and which kexts you replaced? Does your system kernel panic too or is it just me?
  11. Ok, I recently bought The 2.4GHz Core 2 Q6600 G0 stepping, and i've been having a ton of problems with it. I am running 10.5.2. -First off it is recognized as a 2.4GHz unknown in about this mac. -Second i keep getting random kernel panics with it, all the time. I tried to turn off speedstep, and tried using the 9.2.0 speedstep kernel but it still panics all the time either way. I am normally using the official kernel, but that is always crashing too. If any one has this processor running stable i would appreciate any help. Also if anyone has an AppleSMBIOS.kext that recognizes the G0 stepping correctly, please send it to me or tell me where to get it from. Thanks in advance.
  12. leopard graphics update, safe?

    I installed the update successfully, upon reboot i lost QE/CI so then i added my device ID into the new atiradeonx1000.kext or whatever it is, and i have everything working fine now.
  13. Mouse Acceleration

    You could try Controllermate its only like $15 and you can customize all your devices buttons (including your keyboard buttons, and other devices as well), and create your own acceleration curves. Definitely worth the money.
  14. Hardware for my wolfdale box

    Oh my bad you're right they are shipping Wolfdale on time, i thought it was all of them since they were all supposed to ship together. I agree with you though as long as it comes in Q1, its worth the wait. As for your 8600 card, the 10.5.2 update seems to have drivers for it so chances are people will get it to work, there is no simple answer now because there is no official 10.5.2 update yet, only a beta. It all depends if you are a risk taker, you should know that there are no guarantees with osx86, it might work it might not. If you want a safer bet you should wait for the 10.5.2 update to come out, could be any day now, then see if people have more success with it. Right now it will probably work but some apps like iMovie for example are crashing from what i hear.

    I agree an os update should not effect the bios in this way, do you have some other storage devices hooked up or maybe some usb or firewire device, try unplugging them all and see if anything changes. When i have my ipod/usb storage/etc. hooked up my HDD detection takes a bit longer. This is the most probable cause. Check and make sure that all your bios settings are right. The other thing that i could think of is that there may be a problem with the MBR of one of your drives. Once i formated a drive of mine or something, i'm not really sure how it became corrupted cause it was a long time ago but anyway, it would cause my bios completely stop at HDD detection when it was plugged in, i had to repartition the entire drive to fix it. You seem to be lucky enough not have the second problem, but if its not a usb/firewire device try booting with only the one HDD then try only the other one and see if this changes anything, try removing the optical drive too, this is to see if you can narrow down the problem to one of the drives. then after that you can try to find out if it was formatted wrong or it may be damaged/defective any you may have to send it back.