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Before install noob questions


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I tried the uphuck 1.4 R2 in Vmware, without any luck. But i really would think its cool to have osx on teh pc, so i have some questions.


I have this specs:


Asus P5B

Geforce 8600GT

Hitachi SATA drive


What is the best release to install natively? Should i try Uphuck 1.4 R2 or should i download JaS?

But i have only 1 drive with Vista on it, can i dual boot it?


Thanx in advance

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I'm running UpHuck v1.4a for AMD and it runs perfect here at my computer. Some people have problems with UpHuck, some people have problems with JaS. My advice is just download them both, and see which one runs better.


You can Dual Boot, you'll need "VistaBootPro".


Good Luck!

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