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  1. Thanks I will try that. If that doesn't work I just going to use the retail version instead of the distro.
  2. Oh okay, but I have an IDE dvd drive, I guess it won't work anymore when I disable the controller, but I can try it.
  3. No, I have the normal P5B. Does the P5B premium vista edition also have a Jmicron controller?
  4. Hi, when I boot up with that boot cd from your link, and place the SnowOSX iso, it sees it as APPLE_HFS, but when I try to boot from it it says "Can't find mach_kernel".
  5. I have a normal P5B but couldn't get it to work, will try this.
  6. I am wondering too, i am currently also on 10.5.2, but i am running Intel. Can anyone give me a hint where to start, and is it safe to update my hackintosh to 10.5.6?
  7. Extremely Slow

    I finally got Leo4allV3 to install, but it does seems a bit sluggish, compared to Windows. Maybe this is normal, because in my case it isnt really slow, but when i boot to XP it feels a lot faster. I have E4500 2gb 8600gt Asus P5B Should be enough for Leopard right?
  8. Got it working since a couple of days: http://dew0.deviantart.com/art/My-desk-90275358 Only have the summer drives, loving OSX so far, but looking for a dock coz the default one is not that good lol, any suggestions?
  9. Guide to install 10.5.4 update?

    So i have 10.5.2 now, just got it installed since a couple of days finally and all set up now. I didnt update to .3 because i heard some couldnt boot their install so i just waited. But now it says Combined. This means it installs .3 and .4 update right? Will this work from .2? screen.tiff
  10. It would be cool if that would ever happened. But it installs on a folder in the NTSF drive, and for Ubuntu it slows it down, i dunno if you can even install osx on a NTSF drive?
  11. Oh, if i change the resolution it just hangs, i just keep getting that spinning beach ball.
  12. Resolution works, and after updating the alternative ethernet method works too, but you have to suspend it, otherwise the ethernet settings are lost and you have to do the steps again
  13. After i updated it, internet doesnt work anymore? It says cable unplugged and Safari cant connect. Was working fine before the update.
  14. Ehternet works indeed Is it me or is it very slow? When i booted the VM i also got an error that my cpu didnt support it or something, so i guess my cpu isnt 64 bit, maybe thats the problem? But finally i can try leopard, looks slick, good job PCwiz and sachel! Edit: i chose a solid color wallpaper and now everything is faster
  15. MacBook Air gets hacked

    Oh noez, its teh flamewarz!1!1! Yeah, i want to know if someone actually tried to hack Linux... If they did that means that Linux is safer than Windows(but thats not hard ), and OSX. Im not pro apple, but i do think that they hacked the Apple first on purpose, just to make a headline. And yes, Windows, Linux and OSX all have their flaws, because its made by humans.