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P5K-vm install


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Out of the box the Kaly DVD is fantastic:

-It recognizes my 8800gts SC 320MB fully, Q/I working

-My Network card works

-GUID works

-About this MAC gives weried results....., maybe cause its o/c to 3.2


As for sounds with my ALC883 ..... i got sound from the back Line Out port only. Would be nice if the front port works like it does in XP ....

may be worth mentioning that this mobo is ICH9 .....

any ideas?

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Please give us some more info.

I have a P5B-VM motherboard.


Is it impossible to install to a PATA drive?

Could I clone an installation from SATA to PATA ok?

Does all your SATA ports work ok?


Sorry for all the questions but ... please add more info on haw you installed, what options etc ...

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