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  1. Hmm .. on my wife's Mac Mini it has the 10.13.1 update but it doesn't see the supplemental update. Whereas on my PC I did the supplemental update but the 10.13.1 won't complete the install
  2. Is this normal

    Ok .. figured out how to add the Cloverx64.efi boot option on my MS-7984. After a little googling etc. You need to use the uefi shell from the clover menu. (if you have more than 1 efi ie. 2 drives each having one then name a copy of the config.plist to something like configEFI.plist which makes it easier to be sure about this) From the shell: go through each of the FSx options like so. FS0: ls cd \efi\clover ls to verify the correct FSx then bcfg dump boot for your enteries. mine were 00-03 then do bcfg boot add 04 FSx:\efi\clover\cloverx64.efi CloverUEFI exit and shut down On restart go into BIOS and boot options. In my case the new option was jumping out at me there but i eventually found it under a sub menu: Hard Disk Drive BBS Priorities. Move the CloverUEFI option up and Bobs your uncle
  3. Is this normal

    Sounds reasonable to me, thanks. I've looked in my BIOS settings but there doesn't seem to a boot option to a UEFI file (MIS-7984 mobo) just able to select drives?
  4. This is not High Sierra specific as it happened with Sierra and likely earlier versions. The issue: On boot up i sometimes get the big O with a line through it. Usually several reboots get the system up but sometimes I need to turn off the computer for a few minutes and then try again. This happens at least 50% of the time but I've just assumed it's normal. So is it? Overall OSX has been rock solid and I'm leaning to a BIOS setting or cache thing not clearing. I just use the latest clover and no DDSTs etc. but it doesn't even get to the the Clover screen when it happens.
  5. Don't see MSI talked about much here so these are my results. I had been using a GTX 560 which worked great in 10.12.6 but not so well in High Sierra(HS). The early betas worked fine with the 560 but later i started getting that black screen with cursor. The easy fix here is to get a cheap GT 7xx card. I got the 710 and no problems now( i'm not a gamer). And you don't need web drivers. But i still didn't use the beta much coz it wasn't on my SSD and there were Outlook and audio issues. [ The ideal setup IMO is to have multiple partitions and at least a couple of drives] So after the HS release yesterday I updated my wife's Mac Mini with APFS without issues and just had to fix Outlook. There is a 15.38 update that gets it working again So I did a SuperDuper backup to a different partition and started the update. At about 2/3 through and after a reboot I was not longer seeing the SSD?? I logged into my HS test partition and wouldn't you know the SSD was in APFS now ( hmmm ... I don't remember seeing the check box for it). Anyways a quick check around and I just had to copy that apfs.efi file to /EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI/. I had had EFI on my SSD but not it has it's own partition. You will now see some very brief lines during the boot up. So now I am into HS on the SSD. The only real issue left was my ALC 1150 fix. Get the audio_cloverALC-130.command and run it in terminal. Make sure your EFI is mounted. The only other thing was to change from line out to internal speakers Hardware: MSI-7984 (Z170A Krait gaming mobo) Intel i5-6500, no overclocking Ram: 16 GB 2133 MHz DDR4 Audio: ALC 1150 Graphics: GTX 710, don't need web drivers! 1 SSD 250Gb with HS only on it. 1 500 GB HD 1 320 GB HD- I have windows 10 on this and plug it in when needed case: Cooler Master HAF XB EVO. This is a pretty cool case check it out. I have it sitting on top of a file cabinet right beside my desk for easy access. iMac14,2 macOS 10.13.0 Build 17A365 (High Sierra) Everything looks good I've run Geekbench 4 and the numbers are about the same as before under 10.12.6 4501 single core 12344 multi-core
  6. Asus Z170 Pro Gaming SUCCESS :)

    Get the ALC-130 terminal command and most likely change from line out to external speakers and you'll be fine
  7. nv_disable not working anymore with HS betas

    Well, my new MSI GT 710 2Gb card arrived today. Plugged it in and got no dvi signal but HDMI works. I think its the dvi cable as a dual link is required. Anyways .,...no problems booting into test HS now. Only thing not working is Audio (ALC 1150) and I am not sure if the Office 15.38 update works with HS? I think i'll wait till things smooth about a bit before updating to HS
  8. nv_disable not working anymore with HS betas

    -v on HS errors out right away.
  9. nv_disable not working anymore with HS betas

    I have waited quite sometime. As I said nv_disable use'd to work. Assuming there are no further issues i will likely just get a GT 7xx card .... a cheap one, once the final has been released. Is your GT 740 fully operational or are there still issues with it in HS?
  10. GTX 560 + High Sierra + Clover 4173 the first couple of betas worked using nv_disable=1 but not on the latest betas. the boot bar goes about 3/4 and then you get a spinning wheel. If I don't use it then its the black screen with cursors Oddly when i tried using -v it gave a memory error(if i remember correctly .. lol) right off the top? I'll get a GT 710 if there is no fix with the final release of HS. Any ideas on what to try?
  11. Clover General discussion

    Seems like a corrupt config.plist. Thats it, thanks. I had tried a previous version but it must have been corrupt too.
  12. Clover General discussion

    hmmm ... for some reason I can't load config.plist anymore, even with EFI mounted. I can open it in Wrangler but in CConfigurator everything is blank? I can create enteries like SMBIOS os thats working ok. Any ideas?
  13. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    I have'nt been using auto login. I updated my original post on this and a few other things. thanks
  14. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    Ok, i've installed beta 2 and now via enrollment the public beta. Both did the same thing. After the final reboot I am left with a cursor in the upper left corner of a black screen. I have GTX560 and use inject nvidia. If i leave it awhile the screen goes completely black but the cursor comes back on using keyboard so the monitor is working. I've seen some mention of this but didn't see a fix, any ideas? I've also updated config.plist Mac 14,2 info mentioned in this thread and use clover 4097 I don't use automatic login. If i use nv_disable=1 then i have a normal screen but it's slow and flickers. This looks like the same issue GTX260 users had going to Sierra and they had to use nvidiastartup.kext from el captian but i found a cheap GTX560 that solved that issue. One thing i saw was that Microsoft Outlook won't work under HS .. for now. Also my Audio didn't work, didn't bother to try [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] installing them. Oh and i didn't do the APFS update, will leave that for another day.
  15. Ok .. so i've been trying to install beta builds and was having problems. Even with the GM they persist. So my Skylake runs El Capitan very well but I can't upgrade to Sierra or do a fresh install. I've tried via USB, HD partition, GM installer GTX 260 16GB DD4 SMBIOS 14.2 in Clover ( the latest) MSI Krait Gaming Mobo Skylake 3.2 CPU i5-6500 The Install will work but the reboot to finish never completes. Getting CPU 0/1/2 and Kernel Panic while trying various boot flags. Something seems to have changed between El Capitan and Sierra?