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So here is the thing. I spent probably around 5-6 hours making the perfect playlist for my 9 day drive through B.C to the west coast.


And it takes up almost all of my iPod touch. But It really is the best of the best songs.




I want to make a playlist of these songs that I can select on my Mac. But I can't drag songs from the iPod to a playlist. And I didn't think to make the playlist first, then copy the songs to the ipod. (doh!) :)


I don't need to transfer the songs from the iPod, as they came from the Mac in the first place, I just don't want to have to go through and find each song again by hand to remake the playlist. And of course I want the mac to be playing the songs that are local, not from the iPod that won't be connected most of the time.




Is this possible?

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