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  1. Alright. I have an Intel Mac pro, (older dual cpu, core duo Zeon 2ghz). It is almost compleatly silent. in fact, the slight buzz from the power supply is the loudest noise it makes. I attribute the fact that it can be silent, while still keeping the CPU's at 28C to the fans it has. They are obviously different from the normal 120mm fans everyone else uses. Very thick, so they don't have to turn as fast to move as much airflow. But my question is, who makes these fans, and where can I get some? I'd love to have a bunch to use on my PC, and make it just as silent! I don't want to take my Mac pro apart just to look at the back of the fans, but all the pictures I've found on the net, most don't even care about the fans at all, if they even have a picture of them.
  2. This just started a few weeks ago, but I haven't really been home enough to try and fix anything. When I plug in a USB thumbdrive, external HDD enclosure, nothing happens in OSX on my Mac Pro. Nothing shows up in disk utility, the desktop or anywhere else. I've tried using 4 or 5 different thumbdrives, some FAT32, NTFS, HFS+ etc. Nothing shows up at all. My mouse and keyboard function just fine, so I know the ports themselves are doing something. but that seems to be the only thing that works. Any ideas? I can't find anything using google that gives me any idea where to start.
  3. I have an Aten 1672 KVM switch, with my mac pro and pc connected to a Benq 2091. When I switch away from the mac, then back, all of the windows that were open are now all resized, moved around, and generally messed up. It also takes it's sweet time to refresh and reset back to 1600X1200. What it's doing is auto-detecting the monitor, then not finding one when the KVM switches away. So it defaults down to 1024X768. I ether want: a) A way to prevent this from happening at all. A way to change the resolution to something OSX doesn't think is possible c) A way to change the resolution from terminal (NO NOT THE 'on startup' PLIST FIX) Is any of that possible
  4. So here is the thing. I spent probably around 5-6 hours making the perfect playlist for my 9 day drive through B.C to the west coast. And it takes up almost all of my iPod touch. But It really is the best of the best songs. I want to make a playlist of these songs that I can select on my Mac. But I can't drag songs from the iPod to a playlist. And I didn't think to make the playlist first, then copy the songs to the ipod. (doh!) I don't need to transfer the songs from the iPod, as they came from the Mac in the first place, I just don't want to have to go through and find each song again by hand to remake the playlist. And of course I want the mac to be playing the songs that are local, not from the iPod that won't be connected most of the time. Is this possible?
  5. Millsy

    YES...Windows Server 2008 is faster

    It is not 'built on' Vista SP1, however, it does include fixes that SP1 has for Vista. And they don't need a time machine for that, as SP1 has been in internal testing for Vista for a long time now. It was the same with 2003. It came out after SP1 for XP, and as such you did not need to download anywhere near the amount of updates that XP had.
  6. Millsy

    YES...Windows Server 2008 is faster

    I actually just got RC0 installed a couple days ago. I think the only difference for people who want to use it as a workstation, over 2k3 or XP, is DirectX 10. Which works flawlessly in games I might add. Though Unreal Tournament 3 says "You require XP, Vista or 2k3" which shows once again, that coders are hardcoding when they shouldn't be. (future proof much?) Crysis works just fine. Gears of War as well. I don't see much real advantage over my workstation 2k3. The OS feels pretty much the same by default, since all the Aero stuff is off to begin with. Just a few changes here and there, plus the Search index is also off by default. UAC was a breeze to turn off, just went to the new MSconfig (I think they called it something else, I don't have it booted up right now) and under 'tools' there were two scripts, one to enable UAC, and one to disable it. To get a speed comparison, I'd have to install Vista, which I don't have a license for, and I don't want one anyway. Crysis had a touch less FPS compared to 2k3, but that was with all the settings turned up from "high" (DX9) to "Very high" (DX10) On the server side of stuff, IIS 7 looks promising. I have not noticed a 'copy' bug yet, so that's a good thing. Still have a lot of stuff to test out, but I don't think I'll be buying 2k8 anytime soon. 2k3 is still my OS of choice for PC's.
  7. Millsy

    Software Piracy

    The discussion of right and wrong aside, I've noticed one very strange thing since I got my mac a year ago. I don't have any pirated software on my Mac. This hasn't been a consious decision. I don't need photoshop, and I do all my photo sorting / editing on my PC Laptop using Picasa and Paint.net anyway. (MAC VERSION OF PICASA PLEASE!!) But everything else I need on the Mac, I have found a free program that does exactly what I want, and most of the time, is better than any program that wants my money. On the PC, the real quality programs with polish on them, almost all cost big $$$. OSX freeware seems like higher quality than Windows freeware. I don't know if this is my imagination or not, but it is definitily my impression.
  8. Millsy

    Windows 7

    A new file system No DRM Ability to insert a CD and yet still be able to browse local + network drives at the same time A DirectX version that actually offers advantages over DX9 A single look and feel for all windows. All preferences for the OS in a single location with sane organization No more registry. No more new version of directX or graphics drivers for each new game that comes out. I think that's far fetched enough for now.
  9. Millsy

    Greatest Mac in History

    The next one.
  10. Ok, so I use my Mac Pro as my alarm clock (thankfully not my *ONLY* alarm clock) and have it start playing music using iCal. Works great. Unless there is a new update for iTunes.... in which case, it just sits there and says THERE IS A UPDATE! and does nothing else... Do I have to disable auto updates for iTunes, or is there a way to get it to play even if there is a new update for it?
  11. Millsy

    Olympus E-500

    I have a e500, got it a little over a year ago. I loved it. However, now I have an e510. If you can save up for the newer model, do it. The extra 2MP might not make much difference, but the image stability is to die for!! It makes such a huge difference in low light situations. I have shots from both cameras on my dA page, the very oldest files are taken with my old Konika point and shoot though. Only 3.2MP, and you can tell. My gallery.
  12. PICASA!!! God I hate all the OSX alternatives to it... If I boot into windows, it is 100X faster than anything OSX has. Utorrent would be nice, Transmission is ok, but not really comparable for features.
  13. Ok, I just got my first mac (Mac Pro), November 2006. Here is a few things that I've noticed. OSX has a much more uniform feel. Almost every window is exactly the same between programs. (how many different "save/open" file dialogs in windows can you find within the different API's) Installing software is infinitely superior under OSX. and moving a game, or program's folder doesn't mean that you lose every single link and all your shortcuts don't work, I don't know *how* OSX does that, but it does, so it wins If you need permission for something, simply clicking "ok" isn't going to do it, you actually need permission! Aside from my vast game collection, I have found very high quality Free software that does everything I need (with one exception, which I will get to in a sec *edit*, ok 2 exceptions, .net programming as well, though I *could* use MONO for some of it, it doesn't have directX stuff enabled yet) I haven't once needed to run any special command lines, registry edits, or search into 8+ windows/menu's for the options I need. (and when I do need to chance some sort of setting, there is only 2 or 3 places I even need to look (Right click, preferences, top menu) No "msconfig" or group management consoles.. I don't actually deal with the Operating system. It is almost never even a factor in my day to day life. I simply run my programs and deal with them. My biggest complaint about using OSX, is that Picasa doesn't run on it. I have not found any software that comes even remotly close to it's speed or ease of use for sorting through my 100+GB of photo's. (iPhoto takes about 2 minutes just to start up) I'm hoping Parallels 3.0 lives up to it's hype so I can run it, and my games under OSX. I'd also like to be able to switch the copy/paste shortcuts from "command-c/v" to "control-c/v" It's just confusing as all hell switching between my mac and PC So that's my opinions. Except for games and my laptop (which is what I use Picasa on most of the time) I've switched to OSX. I don't care about virus threats or anything like that, I ran without virus or spyware scanners for the last 2 years. I just never had any issues with them (gg hardware firewalls) so that doesn't play into my reasonings at all.
  14. Works with Opera and Flip4mac here as well.
  15. I need to get an app that will record the speeds/access times(if possible) for some network devices. Not the network itself, but actual speed of file transfers. Does such a thing exist? I would rather not have to do it manually from network monitoring widgets or things like that. Need something more accurate for comparisons. Something that does the range of benchmarks Like Sisofts's Sandra would be nice too. Thanks