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linux KDE program (Kopete) on Mac OS X


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Hey I am new to the forum so hello  :hysterical: I have used Kopete a lot in Ubuntu and Kubuntu and IMO it is by far the best IM client for msn (in linux). I have now purchased a macbook running OS X leopard (tis very nice :hysterical: ) and the one bit of software that I cannot find a good replacement for is the instant messaging client. Adium is nice, but is missing fetures and amsn and mecuarry which have the fetures don't look as nice and are a bit unstable.


Hence I have been searching google to see if it is posible to install Linux programs on a Mac. I have found some really interesting and positive links but none where Kopete is mentioned or a way to install it.


link 1 overview - http://dot.kde.org/1168899755/

link 2 fink home page - http://www.finkproject.org/

link 3 KDE on Mac - http://ranger.users.finkproject.org/kde/index.php/Home


It seems using the 3rd link would be best but if I download te 3+GB file would I be able to install Kopete onto it?


If not fink seems good but I have not had much luck getting it to run on leopard and pointers here would also be good.


Thanks you for reading, and I would be really grateful for any replys :)


Thanks Ben  :hysterical:

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Hey thanks for your reply :whistle:


Ye I have been using Adium, it is missing loads of stuff including webcam, personal messages and auto sign in.


With the third link there is no download of Kopete despite being an KDE program, could I just install it on the KDE base?


Thanks Ben

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