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Lot of issue to install leopard, now kaly don't work (after Toh RC2)


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Nothings Work for me ;)


Hardware infos :

Notebook Acer Aspire 5315

Proc : Celeron M530

Chipset 960E ; Video X3100

HDD SATA in AHCI mode could be in IDE mode

Broadcom Gb Lan (i think 5789E  but not sure)

Wifi : Atheros AR5007EG


Don't know what to say more.



I have try today to install the last kaly, that i've seen like a graal :D

But nothink work, i have a bug i had with JAS versions (FAN don't Work) and haven't with toh rc2.

I have connect the fan to a usb port and it work all time, ok 1st pb solve, hope it work after install witht the ACPI patched kernel.

Now, the install don't start without -s, like the toh before, ok i do -s and exit in single user mode to run the install.

I creat only one part on my HDD and in GUID as it preconized.

I run the install and don't choose any driver cause no driver for video/sound/ethernet etc.. i have.

I choose the patched ACPI kernel and install.

Install ok without pb, choose to restart -> it freez like with the toh.

I shut down, and up the pc without the DVD (in the read me it's notified that the DVD make the HDD bootable alone).

it don't start at all, the pc don't see any system on the HDD.

I put the DVD and start in RD=disk0S1, ok start but KP


I don't know what to do, i have buy this pc cause it's hardware is like a macbook (except efi and some other stuffs).

Celeron M530 with full support of SSE2 ; 3 ; And 3 extend

SATA HDD ; Broadcom LAN ; Atheros Wifi ; 960E Chipset and X3100 video card


I don't know what to do other.


With toh rc2 the notebook work but no ethernet, no wifi, no video except with an external screen and some freez when i try to install some kext to solve my issues.

I do all i could since 2 weeks and it don't work, if someone could send me a PM i'm ok to try all i could to sove theeses issue before 24th (it's a present to my wife).


Thx in advance.

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I don't think I can help, but one thing is that you don't list the exact make and model of your Laptop in your header. That might direct more people to your post who have a similar pc. Also, I could be wrong because I've not recently investigated the latest on the video card front, but to my knowledge, there's no solution for an X3100 card yet. So even if everything else was compatible, you wouldn't be able to have a working video solution.

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Now this is the story:

Downloaded "leopard server anyware" torrent - expanded packages to diskmade disk bootable the usual way: dd,startupfiletool etc.


replaced the kernel with the one in TOH's leopard

callisto etc.

OSX leopard server 1.5.0 booting fine on a 8gb disk

made updates using software update


rewritten toh's kernel over apples's


So, now i;m running leopard server 1.5.1 on a p4 1500 640mb ram 8 years old, very very well


excluding graphics much nicer than vista on my new PC


I cannot believe it

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