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Should I...?


What to do?  

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  1. 1. What of the following should I do?

    • Buy an Intel IMac?
    • Buy a used G5 PowerMac Single ~2 GHz?
    • Build a Fully compatible(Sound, Dual Monitoring is a must!) OSX Box?
    • Buy a Mac Mini G4?

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Hi all,


I came into some money doing translation work which I want to use for a new Desktop computer. I'm basically left with the choices in the poll. I'm a student mainly so I get quite a good deal on the Macs...


The Desktop should go along well with my MacBook Pro 1,67. I need it mainly for: College (ChemOffice (I study Food Chemistry), Office), Web Coding (DreamWeaver, CMS, a little graphic work with FreeHand and Photoshop, nothing spectacular), UT 2k4 ( :( ), and the Desktop must be able to connect to a TV for watching the ocassional movie...


What would u guys reccomend me to do...



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Since a lot of you voted for Building a Box, I've been thinking about components, what do u think of the following:


Keep CPU

Keep RAM

MSI NForce 4 Ultra Mainboard

ATI Radeon X1600 or X1800 PCI-Ex

Keep PATA HDD's (need both IDE Channels)


anything I forget to make it work fast or what i need to change?


Cost approx: 500€ (with X1800) or 300€ (with X1600)


Cost I Mac 17": 1350€


any comments...?

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