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EasyBCD Loops Vista Bootloader (& possible solutions)


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There is an utility called EasyBCD. It installs Windows Vista Bootloader, and it can manage the listed partitions, you can easily add Mac OS X to the Vista boot menu with just 3 clicks, it install the entry right, however, when you select Mac OS X, the bootloader loops, cause Darwin bootloader is booting the Windows Partition, which brings again the Vista bootloader, however, if you press F8, you can access Mac OS X.

The workaround for this... Timeout, editing boot.plist and adding some timeout helped a bitl however, when you select Mac OS X, you have to select it again on the Darwin bootloader. Is there a way to set the Mac OS X partition launch Mac OS X without having navigate again to Mac OS X or pressing F8? I also tried adding rd=disk0s2 (Mac is in the second partition) to boot.plist, but it refuses to work!


Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!!

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