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New BadAxe build hanging with NTFS disk mounted...


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Long time lurker here, just built a brand new BasAxe2 rig and intalled JAS 10.4.8 while waiting for iATKOS to appear. (Great day to buy my new rig, just as I got home they announced the iATKOS disc, fantastic timing)...


Anyway, everything has gone well, cant recommend the BadAxe 2 highly enough, (and thanks to BJMoose for all his wonderful posts, I was interested in a stable rig, I hope it proves to be so eventually), and its running great except for one thing...


I have 3 SATA drives attached, 2 are formatted as HFS+, and the other is formatted as NTFS, it's a 1TB drive, and it's not the boot drive of course.


My machine is hanging randomly, usually after opening the terminal.


Having a DVD inserted in the the system also seems to aggravate the problem. Eventually. I discovered that typing sudo -s in the terminal would guarentee a hang 40 secs after issuing the command (with or without a DVD inserted).


Trying to troubleshoot this further, I've found that if I drag the NTFS 1TB disk to the bin, forcing it to dismount, all hanging problems disappear! So the problem seems to be related to that drive, either physically, or down to the formatting of it.


I've searched through a ton of threads looking for similar problems, and I've noticed that an awful lot of unresolved "my computer keeps hanging" topics have an NTFS formated drive attached. So i'm going to investigate this further. Unfortunately, at the moment I don't have enough hard drive space to dump off the stuff on my 1TB drive, but I should have another drive in the next couple of days, and I'll try reformatting it to HFS+ and see if that improves things.


This is leaving me with an uneasy feeling of masking a problem that might come back to bite me in the nether regions, but if anyone has previous knowledge of this situation, then please let me know.... I'm still scouring the boards for anything more I can find.


In the meantime, I owe a big overdue debt of gratitude to all those who have previously posted and added to this community. Feels great to finally have a Hack of worth at last...

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