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  1. After reading about Weaksauce's migration to the Gigabyte board from the Bad Axe II, I decided to do the same. So I bought a Gigabyte EP35-DS3R board and pulled the CPU from my trusty Bad Axe and plunged right in... Followed the guide verbatim except for two things... I selected the NVidia 512 option right on the Kalyway disc, and also (and this is the important bit), I chose the "alc889a shutdown support" option. (The audio option mentioned in the guide does not work on this board, so skip that part and just choose the option on Kalyway instead)... This meant I got to see the opening intro on the opening of the install in perfect screen resolution and audio, and I plowed on with the rest of the excellent guide. At the end, my original video settings were lost, so I simply ran the video installer again and all was well... It's worth it if you like to get the whole OSX install experience and witness the opening credits... This board is truly worth the upgrade from BadAxe, OSX screams along and I'm a happy camper. A word of warning, I also run Ubuntu and it runs great on the Bad Axe, but I was dismayed to see Ubuntu compiz running like treacle on the P35. Checking around some obscure postings, (I can't remember where) there was some talk of turning off the CPU smart cooling option in the BIOS which I did and sure enough, Ubuntu was running back at full speed with no bad effect on OSX. Worth knowing if you're dual booting... Finally, I had the odd kernal panic after a few hours heavy use, which I couldn't pin down at all. It was totally random and ruined my initial confidence in the board. I read on other threads that running the IDE port with over 2GB of memory can cause this problems (I have 4GB), so I've simply shut down my IDE port in the BIOS and so far, it's looking totally stable..... So there you are, up and running and very happy. Thanks Weaksauce, we all owe you one and I'll let you know if anything else pops up with my installation, in the interests of sharing information and experiences.... Thanks again
  2. Sporadic Freezing?

    I had exactly the same symptoms you describe at one time... here is a link to the post I made http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=77133 Do you have an NTFS drive with your rig? If so, try dragging it to the bin just after booting up and see if the problem goes away... also look for any large drives (mine is 1TB) and unmounting try that. I hope you get to the bottom of this problem, it drove me nuts at the time! (I reformatted the offending drive to HFS+ in the end)
  3. Dune31 Look, if I had paid for your release, I would have returned it instantly. The first thing I did was deinstall it off my system.... I don't mean to sound ungrateful, you did a great job with your release, you have my sincere respects on your skills and achievements, and I thank you for all you have done. I just didn't understand the immature and mocking post your made earlier toward users of your installation. I'm afraid I just lost all respect for you guys at that point. All it would have took was a few helpful suggestions to Laik on how to improve the script, the mocking tone was unnecessary... Peace and respect for all you have done though, sorry if I've offended to the point of upsetting you guys... my bad.
  4. Dune31 and Kaly, Laik has just as much right to offer his work to the community as you have, so stop laying into him when he is just fulfilling other people's needs... The only people who have "messed up Leo" is yourselves I'm afraid. When you get down off your high horses, maybe you should consider what people really want from an installer, rather than you telling them what they they think they want. Most people are just looking for an easy way to install a virgin system on their rig. When you have to deal with debugging issues post install, it's easier when you know that the installer developer hasn't gone around hot-rodding the look and design, and possibly introducing instabilities elsewhere. When you are faced with orange windows and weird desktops images, how are we to know thats all you did? Looking closer, one can see that icons were also changed. Just download candybar you say? Well why isn't that in your beloved list of installed apps to begin with? You argument doesn't hold water. As for you saying that no system files are touched with your install, then where are the Leopard voices in the Speech control panel? Alex is missing for instance... does Candaybar put that back too? I doubt it.... What else do I need to worry about now? The easy way to avoid this whole issue, is for you guys to simply add an "Install Kalyway recommended apps" option on your installer... solved, everyone should be happy.
  5. Kalyway error at end of install

    Yes, confirmed, Headrush69 is correct. Disabling EFI option allows install to proceed to the end without any errors. So there's something about my Bax Axe rig and Minnie's rig that doesn't get along too well with the Kalyway disc EFI option at the moment. BJMoose reports his Kalyway attempts were fine in another thread installing on his Bad Axe 2... I wonder what the story is with our system that won't play nice?
  6. Kalyway error at end of install

    Have tried disconnecting all other HDD, and burnt new disc. Same trouble.... Will keep at it until something gives....
  7. Kalyway error at end of install

    Headrush69, are you saying you managed to installed Kalyway using GUID partition, but you deselected the EFI option? I'll give it a whirl and get back to you...
  8. Kalyway error at end of install

    I'm having the exact same trouble trying to install on a new Bad Axe build.... Trying to install Kalyway GUID always ends with an Install Fail dialog at the end... Tried burning a new Kalyway disk, reformatted my whole startup drive using zeros, tried changing BIOS settings, from AHCI to IDE, still no luck... don't know what I should try next...
  9. Kalyway Leopard 10.5.1 Installer Disk

    I just built myself a Bad Axe 2 rig two days ago, based on a Q6600 processor and 4 GB memory, so this guide is going to be extremely useful when my downloads complete! Big thanks for posting this... You can read about how my build went here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry545072, the rig is amazing so far with only one minor hitch which I'm still working on. As for the Kalyway releases, I agree with you it would be wonderful if Kalyway would install a non customized version of the operating system, it would just feel more satisfying somehow. However, I don't want to sound churlish as Kalyway does a terrific job and he is free to release his stuff however he pleases. From what I'm reading in your post he really has done a wonderful job.... Time to grab some food and wait for the software to arrive.... Speak later and thanks again for all your posts regarding Bad Axe 2, it really is as good as you and all the others say it is. Thrilled with it so far.
  10. Long time lurker here, just built a brand new BasAxe2 rig and intalled JAS 10.4.8 while waiting for iATKOS to appear. (Great day to buy my new rig, just as I got home they announced the iATKOS disc, fantastic timing)... Anyway, everything has gone well, cant recommend the BadAxe 2 highly enough, (and thanks to BJMoose for all his wonderful posts, I was interested in a stable rig, I hope it proves to be so eventually), and its running great except for one thing... I have 3 SATA drives attached, 2 are formatted as HFS+, and the other is formatted as NTFS, it's a 1TB drive, and it's not the boot drive of course. My machine is hanging randomly, usually after opening the terminal. Having a DVD inserted in the the system also seems to aggravate the problem. Eventually. I discovered that typing sudo -s in the terminal would guarentee a hang 40 secs after issuing the command (with or without a DVD inserted). Trying to troubleshoot this further, I've found that if I drag the NTFS 1TB disk to the bin, forcing it to dismount, all hanging problems disappear! So the problem seems to be related to that drive, either physically, or down to the formatting of it. I've searched through a ton of threads looking for similar problems, and I've noticed that an awful lot of unresolved "my computer keeps hanging" topics have an NTFS formated drive attached. So i'm going to investigate this further. Unfortunately, at the moment I don't have enough hard drive space to dump off the stuff on my 1TB drive, but I should have another drive in the next couple of days, and I'll try reformatting it to HFS+ and see if that improves things. This is leaving me with an uneasy feeling of masking a problem that might come back to bite me in the nether regions, but if anyone has previous knowledge of this situation, then please let me know.... I'm still scouring the boards for anything more I can find. In the meantime, I owe a big overdue debt of gratitude to all those who have previously posted and added to this community. Feels great to finally have a Hack of worth at last...
  11. Solution for Realtek ALC262

    This methods works great on my Sony C1Z laptop with ALC262 audio. Took me a while to figure out that I needed to remove the AppleHDA.kext from the extensions folder, but after that final step, I have built in audio working just fine... (no headphone output as expected...) Can I suggest the first post is edited to say that the AppleHDA should be backed up AND REMOVED from the extensions folder? I'm sure that would help future ALC262 owners. Big thanks for to the original poster for this fix...
  12. Just to support what phanguy is saying, it might be worth installing 10.4.6, the WHOLE system, not just the kexts, and see if you can get your card working following the guides.... The reason I suggest this is that I have been through a similar situation as you, installing on a Sony VAIO with a mobility radion (I know, I know, not the same card as you but bear with me). It was pure hell getting my video card to support the native resolution and QE/CE, but by following some of the guides here, I finally cracked it, using 10.4.8.... So I thought I would try and install 10.4.10 and apply the same patches, but guess what, they wouldn't work!!!! No matter which way I tried (and believe me I tried), no luck... So I simply went back and reinstalled 10.4.8, did all the usual fiddling, then copied out every single kext starting with the initials ATI, and then reinstalled 10.4.10, and copied back the ATI kexts from my old working 10.4.8 install, and voila, everything is fully up and running in 10.4.10... so there is real value in what phanguy is saying... It's tedious as hell, but sometimes you just have to go the long way round.... Good luck, hope you find a way to crack it.