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GA-P35C-DS3R (problem solved)


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My OSX 10.5 is working perfectly, and I'm happy. But, when I try to boot to XP with my Bios settings on 'OSX-mode' (ATA controller in AHCI mode), my XP install gives me a flash of blue screen and restarts. This is not promoting my dual boot ideas. I can disable the ATA controller thingy to boot XP again, but in that case OSX doesn't work... Disaster :angel: . Is this a known problem? Because if it is, I couldn't find a topic about it.




The solution for this problem can be found in post #4, with a translation of that solution in post #7.

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your having a problem with switching the SATA ports with windows. If you set it to IDE emulation then switch it to AHCI (an enhanced SATA native mode) you will see problems. This is because AHCI drivers in windows are different from the regular SATA or IDE emulation drivers.

Do a search on the web for something like, "AHCI Windows BSOD" or something like that. There is a fix. Windows doesn't support swapping of core components automatically. For example if you switch the motherboard it panics because its trying to load something that isn't there any more. Windows doesn't query the hardware at every boot to see if things like disk controllers or similar things have changed and load the proper ones.

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I had this same problem. All you have to do is download the pre-install floppy driver for the SATA controller from the gigabyte site for your mobo revision, extract it, and then use nlite to slipstream the ini file into your windows ISO, then reinstall.

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Grin :)


I know the feeling, but I'm going to reinstall my OSX this week (trying the iATKOS release, vanilla should be nice), and reinstalling one OS a week is more than enough ;)


I'm not German, but I'll try to translate:




If you have a running install of Windows XP, and you've recently changed your AHCI settings in your BIOS, my (read: his :P) ICH9R-AHCI.REG can help you out.

First, you have to copy "iaStor.sys", driver version or higher, to "windows\system32\drivers\".

These drivers can be obtained from Intel or Gigabyte.

Download Intel F6 Floppy Installer





Open the .reg file in a texteditor and change





After copying and double-clicking the .reg file, restart and activate the AHCI Controller in the BIOS like this.


After restarting, Windows will find a new piece of hardware. Point it towards "iaStor.inf" from the F6 Floppy Installer, OR install the Intel® Matrix Storage Manager Version (I did both btw, didn't hurt me :P)


For a screenshot, check the source of this translation.

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