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Vanilla install of Tiger using PC EFI v 8.0?


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I've been away for some time from the osx86 scene so I would like to know this:



Is it possible to install a vanilla (retail) version of Tiger using PC EFI 8.0 or newer??


I will answer my question in part:


I used an already installed Tiger to use method 1 here on a new USB-drive as preparation to do this but using Tiger 10.4.10 DVD instead.

I then modified the AppleAHCIport.kext with my PCI device ID and added a modified 10.4.10 kernel and put the drive in a computer with a Gigabyte P35-S3L motherboard and it booted alright.



My remaining questions are:


1) Is there a dsmos.kext for Tiger?

2) Do I need one??

3) Does PC EFI 8 allow vanilla 10.4.10 kernel, 10.4.11 or both?

4) Is there anything else I do need besides PC EFI for Tiger 10.4.11 (except for the obvious kexts for my specific hardware such as NVinject/ALCinject etc)?????


Any shared insights would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm gonna go ahead and answer some of my own questions in the hopes that someone here will fill in the blanks.


See questions above.

1) Yes, there is a specific dsmos.kext for Tiger, the Leo one does not work.

2) Yes, in this setting you do need to use it.

3) Both

4) Remove the AppleEFIRuntime.kext just as for Leo if upgrading to 10.4.11.

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