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Ok, Which version to use?


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OK, here is what I currently have as far as I can figure out.


Asus Motherboard

1gig Ram

Intel Celeron 2.93ghz processor SSE2 (i think)

and 1 gig ram

64 meg video card ( I believe nvidia)


I have 2 versions Not sure if either are that I need.

1 some ToH ***581 R C 2



a Brazil thing :-) for sse3 ( is there a patch for this )?



So which one would I need to be up and running?



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This is not meant to be a flame, just some helpful advice. Because of the way you asked your question, it's pretty obvious you haven't done much reading on this or the tiger forum. Read a few of the longer threads that talk about different versions on different setups. I would especially recommend going to the tiger forum and reading some of the tutorials over there. You can google for toh and brazilmac (your Brazil thing) to get a bit more of an idea what they are. Google for SSE2 and Leopard and you'll find there's only limited help for that as of yet. Also, saying you have an Asus board doesn't help too much. Either be specific with the model number of the board or at least list the chipset. Hope this helps to get you started.

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I thank you for your response and I did not take it as a flame. I too see all the time where people did not read ALL the threads and not see what was staring at them the whole time. I myself had gotten 10.4 to work by adding things here and there, but removed it because it did not support much of my hardware. I now wish to try this version and see if there are any progress. But if I was asked how I got 10.4 to work I would not have a clue.


So just asking the obvious questions.



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If you really wanted help you would have given your motherboard info in your second post ;-) Few want to waste time with a newbie that can't be bothered with details.

Celeron D's are SSE3 which is good news . It will make things easier. Best of luck

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Ok thanks again for the replies, and sorry I did not provide sufficient enough details. I am not as knowledgeable in this in this area as I should be I suppose. However I had installed 10.4 without a problem and worked my way through it.


Here is what I have been able to find out about my system.



Celeron 340 (P) 2.93 GHz:

533 MHz Front side bus

Socket 478



Asus P4GV-LA


Thanks Again

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