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macnub Tiger 10.4.10v1r5 won't boot


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I've downloaded the mac.nubÆs OSx86 Tiger - 10.4.10 - Version 1, Revision 5 Install DVD image from 2 different sources. Each has MD5 (macdotnub_OSx86_10.4.10_Install_Disk-v1-r5.iso) = 3f7f65773aa392c04b5d3c8ea3016c58

I've gone thru 4 DVD -r and 4 DVD +R using different software to burn the image.


The image is not bootable.


Has anyone else been able boot a dvd from this image? If so i'd appreciate it if you could rip the boot image off the dvd for me.


Does this image need to be burned with a mac?

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