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wierd problem with ntfs


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Hi! I got a problem. some things are not showin up on my ntfs drive. like a lot of my pics and some of the folders in my my pictures folder isnt showin up and there was somthing else that wasnt showin up. they show up in linux and windows but not mac for some wierd reason. the worse part is. is that i messed windows up. its sayin ntfs.sys is corrupt or missing and i used linux to replace it but it still says the same thing. i know what your thinking but thats not the problem. i wasnt able to see all of my pics before that. lol when i first installed mac i was able to see all of my pics. i dont know what happen just one day i wasnt able to (shrugs) i would also like to be able to write to it. anyone know whats wrong? im using mac osx 10.4.8 jas amd-intel-sse2-sse3 with ppf1 and ppf2. besides that everything works pretty good except when i try to click on about this mac it crashes. lol


i just noticed it will not read the card in my cam. well it would show the first folder but not the pics in it. can some one give me a hand? dont clap.....

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