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ABIT IP35 Series Motherboards


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Ladies and Gentlemen,


I have consolidated all the efforts of the forums to one page for this one motherboard.. These links are the only tested working links that I have personally tested and found working. There are other methods and newer installs however i do not have time to test them all..


UPDATE I am currently using Kalyway 10.5.2 install CD. The CD is not bootable from the IDE port (Damn JMicron)

However It is Bootable from the ESATA port and internal sata ports.



I am posting all related links and materials for this motherboard and the hardware i use so that we may all use this wonderful motherboard.


Please PM me with anything you may have to add or have tested. Please feel free to post with detail as i will do also.


Here is a great search engine for OSX86




Reccomended software:

Acronis Boot Selector (with backup 64Mb or larger usb drive)

MACDrive 7


Daemon tools

VMWARE workstation 5 or 6


On Mac


Vmware Fusion

Toast 9

kext helper

flip for mac




First method i used:

osx 10.5 leopard 9a581 flat file image. 2.51 GB from the :D oid

I used an external 2.5" Hitachi 40GB hdd in a USB enclosure and partitioned the drive.

Following the Instructions listed within readme.txt


Once your up and running youll have to repair the audio. EDIT This link features a patcher 100% working for audio :)


AppleHDAPatcherv1.20 from http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...859&st=3000


Depending on what video card you use youll have to find a driver for yours. I have the ATI X1950xt i would suggest using the x1950 installer found in these forums ill find the link and post it here.



For you users that have a similar Video Card ATI x19X0 i suggest using this link to find what you need

WARNING Do not use Toast Platinum 9 Unless your V/C has QE/CI supported as it will not run.

This update below gave me full functionality to my card.




NEXT I would suggest repairing Time Machine. I'll find the exact link and post it here.




Drag and drop kexts to /System/Library/Extensions/

Repair permissions

Reboot with -f flag


You may need to reselect your backup volume before time machine will work.


These are all the patched kexts from ToH RC2.



For you users that have a similar Video Card ATI x19X0 i suggest using this link to find what you need




Stay tuned for more updates pm me for questions



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