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[Rant] Ladislav of DistroWatch has become arrogant?


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I used to admire Ladislav Bodnar a lot.


In the last few months he has been accused of arrogance several times, because of all sort of reasons.

I have tried to side with him in most of cases.

But now I have seen something which seems to me like the final straw.

He has a weekly "forum" (comments to DistroWatch Weekly) which is boring as hell and extremely badly organized.

Sometimes there are hundreds of posts, but they are not threaded, so finding what you are looking for can be a nightmare.

You can post as anonymous, but you can't register (that would allow you to edit your posts).

Ladislav will randomly delete posts he doesn't like or be very rude with some posters.

But here comes the best part:

Immediately on bottom of where you could post a comment, you can read this pearl:


It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. (Mark Twain)


Now can you imagine putting that in a highly visible place in this forum? (albeit I must admit that it wouldn't be such a bad idea :D)


I can imagine what Ladislav would say about his "forum": "I have no time to organize it better".

Fair enough, do one of the following:

1)Stop it altogether (but he won't do that, because the user comments attract visitors and thus revenue)

2)Ask somebody you trust to get in charge of the forum and organize it better. This seems to me like the best option.

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