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  1. Apple, leave my ebay acount alone!

    Haha, you were selling a laptop with a pirated copy of Mac OS X on it, installed against the EULA, and you want to know why you got suspended? LOL!
  2. snow-leopard-will-support-powerpc-chips

    Darn you, I wanted to be the first to say that!
  3. Apple announces the iPhone 3G S

    Yeah, I'll be upgrading. I skipped the 3G and kept my 2G because a slightly faster network wasn't good enough reason for me to spend $300. The 3GS offers a big bump in speed over the 2G, so I'll be upgrading, and I can also do it for cheap, since my AT&T contract is eligible for an upgrade.
  4. ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    Question here: Is it safe to install this kernel (using the DMG installed) to a second hard disk from my primary OS? I've got a working 10.5.4 setup now, but I'm going to set up 10.5.5 on a second hard disk by installing a retail DVD, booting from my currently working hard disk. Once I do that, can I also install this kernel on the second hard disk from my working setup?
  5. 12" Mac Tablet from Tech Crunch almost here!

    Linux sucks at all things touchscreen/tablet. Can't wait to see how crappy this product is.
  6. iWork '09 trojan beware!

    *sigh* An exploit that requires you to grant it root access is NOT an exploit.
  7. Apple is DOOOOOMED without netbooks

    Netbooks suck. Want a computer? Buy a real ultraportable by Lenovo/Sony. Want an internet gadget? Buy an iPhone. There, I said it!
  8. All signs point to no PPC in 10.6

    I could bring loads of PPC vs x86 benchmarks out that prove my point, but I won't, since PPC is officially dead as of Snow Leoaprd build 10a222. I was right, now get over it.
  9. All signs point to no PPC in 10.6

    They could if they wanted to. But they don't want to, and won't, because doing so literally doubles their workload, and only benefits the extremely small group of PPC holdouts. Once you pick an architecture and say "screw the rest," then you can perform CPU-specific Assembly Code optimizations. The performance gains for doing so are huge. Keeping the dead PPC architecture around prevents them from optimizing for one specific architecture.
  10. All signs point to no PPC in 10.6

    Sigh...here we go again. At the highest theoretical level, yes, in the same way Vista is TECHNICALLY superior to XP. For all practical purposes, PPC almost always performed slower than an equivalent Intel/AMD CPU.
  11. My current setup is 100% vanilla. Chameleon, EFI strings, AppleSMBIOS EFI enabler, all that fun stuff. It's a pain in the ass to setup and I really don't think it's any better than the JaS setup I was using before. The recent release of the Voodoo XNU kernel has me considering going back to a Hackintosh that is *mostly* vanilla, with the exception of some things that are painful to set up. I trust the XNU kernel because it's open source, which is also why I moved away from Netkas PC_EFI (who I still suspect was hiding fishy stuff behind closed source code). So I'm thinking maybe I'll do an iDeneb 10.5.5, XNU kernel, some EFI strings, and just enough modified kexts to make my life easy. Good idea? Bad idea? What should I run vanilla/modified?
  12. All signs point to no PPC in 10.6

    Yeah, I know, all half-dozen of them!
  13. Google releases Picasa for Mac

    Eh? People use iPhoto/Picasa for simplicity. If I want functionality, I load up Adobe Photoshop.
  14. All signs point to no PPC in 10.6

    Fixed that for you.
  15. Linux drivers compiled in OSX

    No. Mac OS X -> Darwin -> FreeBSD Just because systems are Unix-like and use ls/grep/pwd, doesn't mean they are cross-compatible. Mac OS X is in the vein of true Unix systems along with Solaris/AIX/HP-UX/FreeBSD (to a lesser extent). Linux is based very loosely on these, and can hardly be considered a Unix system. It'd be much easier to port FreeBSD drivers to Mac OS X, but even then it's still a huge endeavor. Now, that being said, Mac OS X has a full set of APIs, and Atheros' drivers are completely open source, so everything you need is there, and you're more than welcome to get writing the drivers!