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Success! JaS 10.4.8 on nforce 650i board finally working, a few questions


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after a ton of trying i finally got 10.4.8 properly booting and am now posting this from it. deleted Geforce.kext, got me past a kernel panic. then i was getting stuck at a blue screen with the mouse movable. held down shift at boot per Apple's instructions for fixing some login item bug, and i got in fine. saw no login item things to delete, rebooted, and im back in normally. no explanation i can come up with. now watch, i'll reboot again and i'll get stuck at the blue screen all over again hah...


anyway, i've got an x1950gt 512mb...any idea what, if any, video drivers i can use? resolutions change fine but i can't find anywhere to switch my main display to my 19" LCD instead of my 27" LCD TV it keeps using now. also, about this mac tells me Quartz Extreme is not supported. i installed the pcie x1x00 ATI drivers on the JaS 10.4.8 install dvd.


gonna play around with 10.4.8 for a while and enjoy it now that i've finally got OSX working. after i make a full clone of the partition for safekeeping i'll look at upgrading to 10.5. definitely AFTER the backup lol...




got my 19" working as the main display but OSX thinks it's the 27". it thinks the 27" is the 19" as well. my only solution is to switch the cables and adjust the resolution. no idea what the deal is. the 27" is connected via a DVI to HDMI cable, think that might be a problem? nothing shows up on the 19" when the 27" isn't connected (at least after the grey apple load screen anyway).


also, network died a few minutes into booting. set my IP manually just in case, we'll see. realtek 8139 network card

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