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Brand New MacBook I want to downgrade from 10.5 to 10.4


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After messing with OSX86 on my Dell 9400 (with 99% success except for the dual core) I decided to get me a MacBook.

I got the $1299 model, mainly to intent to do some devwork on. Problem is, most of the devtools I would use (FreePascal, Fink etc) tend to have complications on leopard.

So I want to (temporarily) downgrade to Tiger to be able to do my stuff without issues.

Since I dont have access to an official Tiger install kit, I am downloading one right now (h0tis0 10.4.9), but thing is, I dont have DualLayer dvd's handy, and the iso appears to be a DualLayer disk.

Rather than making a trip to the store, is there a way to split the install disk somehow to burn it onto 2 singlelayer dvd's?



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