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Installed OSx86 on a 111gb drive with other files on it but OSx86 only shows it as a 6 gig drive

Liek Mibles

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So I installed OSx86 10.4.1 using only Windows and the DD program. The harddrive that I installed it on was an extra drive I had in my PC box. It's 111gb and was filed with mp3s, Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop files, movies, etc. When I installed OSX it said I had about 10-15 gigs left.


Now that it's all installed I go to the Disk Utility and it shows two disks -- the drive I had as C: with Windows on it (74 gigs) and the drive i had as D: which was just for verious files and the one that I installed OSX on (111 gigs).


The one on top which is the one OSX is on has another disk under it called tiger-x86. The tiger-x86 disk is only 6 gigs though. Is there anyway I can view and get the rest of the files that are taking up the other 105 gigs on the harddrive?


Please tell me I can get those files back.



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with the method you did there is a different thing you have to do to get the "extra" space to be usable.


scroll down near the bottom of this tutorial. Look for Step 4: Change the partition size: It tells how to do it.



Hope that helps




Yeah, there are a ton of posts on this.


this one looked easy...

Very VERY easy way to get the rest of your hdd


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