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FCS2 video editing on a non MACbook laptop?


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is it possible to get a portable that would'n be a macbook,install just OSX(no windows) and FCS2 to edit video with it?and that everything works?


anyone tried that? i'm new here


if yes,which models?


it would have to have working firewire port for video passthrough

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Yes indeed you can, but OSX86 on a laptop can be MUCH more complicated... mostly getting the video adapters to work properly is the hardest part.

Maybe now in the great age of EFI emulation, this might become easier. I have read that there are quite a few Acer laptops that run Leo flawlessly.


But careful what you choose, above all I believe FCPS2 has minimum requirements regarding graphic card and such.


On my Mitac Barebones laptop (see signature) FCP works really well and I have true DVI Dual display. The notebook has a ati x1600 chip.

I am really happy with it. Speed-wise beats out just about any G5 running FCP (I have compared), don't know about MBP comparison... I have been editing only DV not HDV with it.


The express card option would also be important, for firewire800 or eSata xpress-cards for external disk storage you will surely need.


I did have an issue with my firewire port... and have to get an additional card, since FCP wants to see TI chips on the firewire, NOT VIA!



good luck,


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