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Hi All,


I've got a problem. I've got No one lives forever 2. Including a no cd crack.

Everythin is installed. Than I try to expand or what ever the no cd crack.


it's a toast img. if i open the file (not with toast) it's empty... i red a bit about it on different sites, but there were never a explanation how to solve the problem. Some people can play with it, some not.


do you know about problems like that? or does anyone know the explanation?



thanks for help and sorry for bad english.

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i had to mount the disk iso 1 and 2 of the game at the same time by toast.

then install the game. unmount both cd's and install the patch.

afterwards unzip the no cd crack file... and then mount the no cd crack by toast.

then it went...


so, i did all this, i mount the no cd crack by toast, but i still get the same thing, "please insert cd" is there some other magical thing you have to do to get this thing to work?! please help! :)


if you get this, please send an email to simonsins19@yahoo.com, itd be greatly appreciated!

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