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  1. Creative Suite CS3 on Leo

    whats efi and whats fyi?
  2. Airport express & front row

    thx alot... and whats about the external harddrive?
  3. hello all together. I've connected my sound system to the Airport express station... Now, if i'm playing music trough iTunes, it's no problem to tune that trough the airport express.... but is it possible to to this when I'm wathing a movie in front row? or if i'm listenig to music with front row? Other question, I know, officiali it's not possible to connect a external Harddisc to the Airport express... What's about an inofficial method? Thanks for answering... Best regards Joel
  4. Hello all together.... So i've got a MacBook Pro 15''. Now, the screen is a bit too small for me. Because I don't have any other computer at home, i always have to work on the 15'' screen. So now, i want to buy a new monitor. First, I thought about a Apple cinema display 20'' but than, i noticed that the screen is something about 3 years old.and costs alot of money. So i want to ask you, should I buy something else? mybe this one: http://www.stegcomputer.ch/details.asp?prodid=hp-w2207 Please help me... Thanks in advane...
  5. Creative Suite CS3 on Leo

    sorry for late response. no i'm not using little snitch... why? ok, so i try cs2 thx
  6. Creative Suite CS3 on Leo

    Hi All, I just get CS CS3, i installed it on my macbook pro. In the readme file, it's written, that i don't have to register it. and it should work without serial number. After installing, I tried to open Photoshop. Than I had to insert a serial key. First, i thought i don't have to. then I tried to insert a serial key, i found for the crative suite cs3. but it didn't work. Can someone help me? knows someone a solution? Thanks in advance
  7. Perfekter Hackintosh?

    hab mir vor etwa 2 monaten die gleichen gedanke gemacht wie du... dann hab ich mich entschlossen, etwas geld darauf zu legen und ein macbook pro zu kaufen. habs bis jetzt noch nicht beräut, das beste was ich machen konnte. alles läuft, kei nerviges kext abändern mehr.... einfach perfekt. glaub mir, wenn du den schritt machst und das geld ausgibst, wirst du es nicht beräuen.
  8. CrossOver 6.2

    How do I install a game with crossover? Please help me, I already searched for it... but couldn't find anything. thanks in advance
  9. Official Unofficial Cider Game thread

    How do I install a cider game? I'm new in the mac gaming scene. And I thought about it, but one thing I dont under stand, how do I install an exe file in OSX? oO For example Oblivion... I've got the windows version of oblivion and crossover.... what's to do? I know, theres already a thread about it. But there is only a explanation for how to make it run, but not the first steps, how to install it You don't have to explain it at the example of oblivion. Please give me an explanation for a general example. Thank you very much
  10. NOLF 2 No CD

    i had to mount the disk iso 1 and 2 of the game at the same time by toast. then install the game. unmount both cd's and install the patch. afterwards unzip the no cd crack file... and then mount the no cd crack by toast. then it went...
  11. iPod Touch or iPod Classic

    I've got a classic... I had to do the same desicioun like you. but I choosed the Classic because of my 30 gigs music. A friend of mine has a touch. Realy, its nice to "play" around with you tube or internet. but it's annoying if you've got the touch in your pocket and you want to change the song, volume... I picked the classic and would never change...
  12. NOLF 2 No CD

  13. Wie ein BackUp machen ?

    doch so viel ich weiss geht das mit time machine... denn wenn du dein sys zerschossen hast, kannst du ja die installations CD/DVD einlegen. dann wenn du zum installieren kommst, kannst du das festplatten dienstprogramm öffnen und dort das volumen auswählen, von dem du booten möchtest. habs selbst zwar noch nich ausprobiert. abr mit Timemachine lässt sich doch sichr auch n image machen oder? ... nur ne vermutung
  14. NOLF 2 No CD

    Hi All, I've got a problem. I've got No one lives forever 2. Including a no cd crack. Everythin is installed. Than I try to expand or what ever the no cd crack. it's a toast img. if i open the file (not with toast) it's empty... i red a bit about it on different sites, but there were never a explanation how to solve the problem. Some people can play with it, some not. do you know about problems like that? or does anyone know the explanation? thanks for help and sorry for bad english.
  15. iPhone for christmas (help)

    Hy All There's another open question in this topic:) I'm living in switzerland. And I thought about to buy an IPhone. I heared there's no possibility to crack an iPhone with sw v. 1.1.2 Is that right? or is that just at the moment like that? would there be anytime a possibility? Thanks for help best regards Joel