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Is 10.4.10 really an update?


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I did a fresh install of JaS 10.4.8 (Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2].iso), and then updated to 10.4.10 with kooskaspers guide.


I then installed some creative software package, wich I own, but neither of the applications boot. The crash reporter log says:

<system platform="macintosh" osversion="10.4.9" applicationlanguage="en" userlanguage="en" oslanguage="en_CL" ram="2048MB" machine="i386" model="ADP2,1" cpuCount="2" cpuFreq="3190MHz" busFreq="800MHz" />


wich clearly contradicts what I get from my System's info. Take a look at the attached image.



What's going on here?

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