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b0 error trying to run Boot camp partition on VMWare Fusion 1.1

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Hi people!


I have a system with one phisical disk and 3 partitions (Hackintosh, not Mac):


1. Win XP (NTFS)

2. Tiger 10.4.10 (This is the active partition)

3. Data and stuff (NTFS)



To do the dual boot thing, I'm using the darwin bootloader, since the Tiger partition is the active one.


The problem is that when I try to boot the partition recognized as Boot Camp on VMWare Fusion (the 1st one), I get "b0 error" and it won't load the OS (any other REAL VM with XP works just fine).


When I was using Tiger from an external disk, I've never encountered this problem, but I was tired of loading the OS from an USB disk, so I installed it on my laptop disk, having this problem...


Any ideas??


Thank you!



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